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Tyrunt mockup. by lokiie1984
Tyrunt mockup.
I wanted to try making a new Pokemon so i went with Tyrunt, figuring if he worked well then i could give to my girlfriend's niece as she loves dinosaurs.

As you can see he doesn't have eyes. The pattern i made had a hole for the eyes but as this was just an exploratory crafting, i discovered after he was done that the best time to add the eyes would be way before i started sewing his head together. Oh well.

I also discovered that i really dislike his feathery neck thing. It doesn't stuff very well and is a pain to line up right. If i do make another, better quality for her i think i will leave that part off.
Umbreon Playful Pose Mockup by lokiie1984
Umbreon Playful Pose Mockup
A mockup of a new pattern i made. I have been trying to shrink my patterns down so i can sell them cheaper. Figured since i was doing that i might as well try out a new pattern.

Next up i want to make a really nice looking one and use it as a base model for Fiverr. Planning to try and sell these for $15.

Material used is anti-pill fleece. Total length nose to tail is about nine and a half inches. Height is about 10 inches front foot to tips of the ears and about 13 inches from the back foot to the tip of tail.
Artbooks are one of those things that i personally haven't seen in years. I always thought they were neat and worth collecting but these days they seemed to have just vanished. I know they are still out there but just not like they used to be.

So i figured why not try making a few and offer the content to the artists here on DA. So here is how it all will work.

Each book will be published as both an ebook and in print, using amazon / createspace. In order to keep the price low (ish) and make it easier o figure out the royalties I will limit the total page count to be no more then 50 pages to start with. If that works well I will up it as more books are designed. So because of the page limit there will be a limit on the number of artists in each book.

Each artist will also have a limited number of slots for their work to be displayed. For example, if i had four artists want to contribute to the first book, they would each get six pages for art, six pages to describe the art (anything they want the reader to know about it, how they felt drawing it or what inspired it. Anything really.) And a single page at the start of their chapter for a bio.

Now because it's amazon there are some restrictions to the artwork. Anything that would be considered explicit is a no go. However artistic nudes are allowed. I would prefer to keep anything that would require me to click that "not suitable for under 18 years of age" box out of the books though.

In the future i would consider doing a book that all that type maybe if there was enough interest. I personally don't see anything wrong with that kind of art, it just limits the amount of views the book will get.

The other thing to remember is that the artists have to have the rights to the artwork, and be at least 300 dpi (ppi if using photoshop.)

Royalties: Artist payment will be based on royalties from book sales. Which will amount to 75% of the total profits, after amazon takes their cut, spread across all artists. The more artists in the book, the less each will get.

So if we use the four artists again as an example. each would get 18.75% royalty, which I would just round up to 19% for simplicity's sake. Each payment would then be delivered via PayPal at the end of the month.

How to contribute: Respond here or note me with your interest. I will then keep a list of everyone interested and when slots are open i will contact everyone either through email or a note on DA with a theme. Be it Fantasy, anime, sci-fi or any number of other things. The artists that want to contribute to the book can then send me their artwork that matches the theme and any info they want added for their text page for the artwork. Plus what they might want on their bio page.

Lastly each artist will receive a printed version of the book and any other books their work is featured in. All i ask for that is if you live outside the US that you pay for the shipping. Or be willing to take an ebook copy.

Disclaimer: I want to point out here, so there is no misunderstanding, that there is always the chance that these books will never sell. But if that does happen each of us will lose nothing. If fact we will gain an artbook with both your work and others works that you can hold in your hand, show off, and or just put on your book shelf.

I will soon be shopping for a camera and I wanted to ask any photographers out there what they would recommend for me.  My price range is at the lower end 400-600$ and I am looking for a camera that can take pictures at night, can take good pictures of flowers/insects, and able to use a zoom lens so I can take pictures of animals at a distance. So far I have sorta looked at a Canon but unsure if they are the best.
My next plushie project - Squid by lokiie1984
My next plushie project - Squid
I know it wont ever look that awesome but i wanna test myself and see how far from total crap i can get it lol. I think around the eyes will be the hardest part to get to get right with as few seams as possible.

If this works out well maybe there will be an aliens plushie Xenomorph in my future.

The critter pictured comes from FF14, although i have no idea who it is. I haven't played the game in some time and i certainly don't remember any giant squids.

Update: This is apparently the Kraken. The final boss in the dungeon Sastasha
(Hard Mode) and Hull Breaker Isle in Final Fantasy 14.


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