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Plushie Attempt #2 Result - Umbreon by lokiie1984
Plushie Attempt #2 Result - Umbreon
The color strips are wrong i know. But i didn't have any yellow or light blue so i used what i had. Maroon or white and white just felt boring.

So i think it's better then my first. But it's still not right. The body turned out pretty well if Umbreon were lounging around on a bed. But his head is all wrong. The eyes don't match up, and I'm pretty sure its upside down. I blame the pattern for that one. But now that i know, it's an easy fix if i use it again.

For now though i wanna try something different. Same Pokemon, way different pattern.
Plushie Attempt #2 - Umbreon by lokiie1984
Plushie Attempt #2 - Umbreon
For my next attempt at a plushy i decided i would find a pattern to use first, and it seems that damn near every Pokemon has at least one pattern. So here is the beginning of an Umbreon.

The picture is of course still inside out and only held together by pins.
The cloth used is a kind of velvet ish stuff. No clue what it actually is but it looks and feels like something a critter like this might have. Unfortunately i don't have any yellow or deep red fabric, so the yellow is going to be replaced with a kind of dirty orange color, and his eyes will be more of a maroon type red.

The total length from nose to tail is going to be around 23 inches.

I'm also using a slightly modified pattern made by You can see it here…
End result of a plushy craft by lokiie1984
End result of a plushy craft
I wanted to add the kimono and swords but i messed up on this in far too many places to warrant the waste of cloth. So i will save that stuff for version two. All in all i learned quite a bit from this one, like i need to incorporate shoulders, use a fabric pen and a number of other things. A big one being that i need to figure out a better way to draw the shapes on the fabric before cutting. These didn't exactly turn out well.

His ears messed up a bit too, where they attached to the head looks really bad.

But considering its the first stuffed animal i have made in over 15 years, and it was all done by hand, it could have been a lot worse.
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So an update on the stuffed animal. As i said before this one was by far just a dry run. I have learned a lot on how to improve the next version.

First, i now know i could really use a sewing machine. It just makes it all so much faster. I also now know i suck at embroidery so for this guy anyway, i will need to use an embroidery machine. Which i have access to, once it's out of the repair shop. So until then, they will all be some kind of strange blind rabbit samurai thingies. Looks awesome in my head, we will see how it looks in plush form.

Another thing i really need is some kind of fabric pen. One of those ones where the ink fades to nothing after a couple days. For now i have been using a sharpie black marker and it's not exactly a good choice.

Next up, after i finish trying to make this face scar look good (gotta have some kind of reason for the blindness) i need to figure out, of the black cloth i bought which one will be used for his sword sheaths and which one will be used for his kimono. I will post pictures of them both if i can get good ones. But one is a satin like fabric, nice and shiny on one side but a dull black on the other, fraying will be an issue there. The other is this weird really short fur like material. I got it at Walmart so of course they had no idea what it actually was.

Fabric picture: I know the quality is terrible but you can sorta see what it looks like at least. Notice the semi wave effect on the fur stuff (right side.) New fabric by lokiie1984
New fabric by lokiie1984
New fabric
Cheap satin (on the left) and some kind of fur like stuff. Sadly the picture quality sucks. My girlfriend is the photographer.


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