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deviation in storage by diaverik


Scene One Fire Dance - Still by lokiie1984
Scene One Fire Dance - Still
A still from a new project I'm working on. It meant to be an animated cave painting. This is first scene, obviously unfinished. I still need to add text and what not.

Here is the link to the video.…
Terrorists Strike Again! by lokiie1984
Terrorists Strike Again!
Sometime in the evening hours of March 8th the group known as The Vigilant murdered a local Super. The group was quick to claim the kill through Facebook and Twitter. Claiming it as a victory in their war against overbearing super powered humans.
    The group first arose in the wake of Amendment 19A, or 'Nanny Legislation' as they call it. The amendment, while controversial added a number of new laws aimed at protecting the normal human population.
    A local senator, Bob Decre, had this to say about The Vigilant: "This group of extremists are nothing but power hungry vermin. Phil Zeleski is will be captured and when that happens the people of this city will rejoice."
   Are there any plans to call in the Arbiter to help in the search?
   "John is enjoying his retirement. We have no plans to interrupt that."
   John Hegner aka, The Arbiter aka, The First Super Hero aka, the man that won us both World Wars, was unavailable for comment.……
MURDER? Ten years of Peace destroyed by Slaying! by lokiie1984
MURDER? Ten years of Peace destroyed by Slaying!
A new promotional news article for my graphic novel City of Whispers.

If you're having trouble reading the text it is as follows:
  In the early hours of Sunday morning, a body was found by a park jogger. The jogger asked to remain anonymous, but said "The body was torn up  really bad. And he was dressed like he belonged at a renaissance faire."
   We asked Detective Frank Miller, the last remaining normal human on the police force, his thoughts on the case.
  Detective, do you think this could have been caused by the rumored sewer mutants?
   "Mutants? Look, I don't know anything about mutants. But if I had to guess, I would say this was caused by two young supers, playing at being heroes. Things got out of control and now one's dead. Simple as that."
But what about all the sightings? You don't think they could be real?
   " How many alien sightings has there been? People see what they want to see."
   Will you be participating in the investigation?
  The detective laughs for a few seconds. "I'm a normal remember? After all that 'nanny legislation' you supers pushed, I'm lucky I get to leave the station at all.
   "So no I won't be participating. I will be at my desk, doing paperwork."
   The detective's opinion on the law aside. We will be continuing to cover this story as it unfolds.
   As always you can find us online at
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Manthos Lappas has agreed to be my concept artist.……

He has worked with me in the past and his one hell of a nice guy and great to work with. Each of the drawings I have used for my fake newspaper articles was drawn my Manthos

Manthos lives with his girlfriend in Greece. He spent two years in the States building his reputation and now works with movies, games, and pretty much anything else art based. He even has his first motion picture book released.……

#cityofwhispers #bryanstevenson #thedcexponent


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Bryan Stevenson
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Favorite genre of music: rock alternative
Favorite cartoon character: Think i like Luffy from One Piece the most, although Natsu from Fairy Tail is moving up in the list

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I just want to take a moment to thank you for being one of my watchers. :w00t:
Your support, thusfar, means a great deal to me.

Since you found something in my gallery to your liking, I'm hoping you'd consider checking out my comic on FaceBook. I've been working hard on this project for a while now, and - come the first of the year - we'll be launching a fundraising campaign so the comic can be produced. Even if you can't donate, yourself, sharing the project with friends and family - even liking the page to show support - would mean the world to me.

Again, thank you for watching, and thank you for all the support you've shown.

Time to get back to work. :work:
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